Monday, January 12, 2009


Well folks, I got engaged over Christmas break.  (Yay!)  Ross and I are tying the knot on August 8th.  In the past few weeks, I've tried to get as much wedding planning done as humanly possible.  I thought I was doing a great job!  I found a dress (though I haven't bought it yet...but it's the one), I've chosen some bridesmaid dresses, and I've alerted three of the four bridesmaids that I want them to be in my wedding.  I've also ordered some invitation samples, contacted Ross's graphic designer friend, and made decisions on possible centerpieces & wedding favors.  And, most importantly, I've informed my future mother-in-law that absolutely no Elvis songs are allowed at the wedding or the reception.  I'm doing pretty well, right?  

WRONG!  The other day, I made the terrible mistake of joining a wedding website called The Knot.  These people are evil!  I felt great about all the decisions I'd made in the past few weeks.  Then I signed up for The Knot and looked at "the ultimate planning to-do list" or something to that effect.  I checked off all the things that I'd done so far and clicked "submit," and I found out that I was still about 142 tasks behind schedule!  

Seriously, people.  What kind of wedding requires 80 to-do items per month for an entire 12 months before the wedding?  Isn't the point of having a wedding to, um, get married?  Geez.  The world is totally out of touch with reality.  (Or am I?)