Wednesday, October 8, 2008

new blog!

Hi friends and family. (Ok, let's be honest. There's only one person reading this. Hi, Mom...)

Really, though, I'd like to try to blog once again. Lame though blogging might be, I really do like writing, and I miss it! I miss the creativity of writing something that doesn't require legal authority in the form of a statute or a Supreme Court case. I'm gonna try to do better this time. Really!

Check back in a few days for what I hope will be a clever and witty post!


Ross said...

Oh, another blog from Leah! Let's add this one to your list of abandoned blogs: Xanga, the "underground" Xanga, Blogspot, the Law School Blogspot, and now this one. Hmm.

Emily and Patrick said...

I'm reading too! Keep posting :)

Leah said...

Girl Ross, quit making fun of my identity crisis! I know I have more blogs than shoes, but I'm non-committal. You know this. :)