Tuesday, March 10, 2009

hello, i'm a mac...

Well, blog world, I am officially a Mac Geek!  My birthday was last week, and as a group-effort present from my parents, Ross, and his parents, I got this:

Isn't it beautiful?!  I am a 100% convert.  I have to say, those commercials are so true.  My theory is that Mac's programmers & tech people have so much more free time than their Microsoft counterparts because they don't have to spend 90% of their time fixing problems. Because Mac people don't have to sit around all day scratching their heads trying to figure out what's wrong with Vista, they instead get to do cool stuff like incorporate face recognition technology into the latest version of iPhoto.  It's way neat.

With my macbook, I've been able to distract myself in so many new ways! My mac came with an iSight (the fancy mac name for "webcam"), and I've had so much fun with a program called Photo Booth!  Now, instead of aimlessly surfing the web when I get bored, I can aimlessly take cool pictures of myself!  

Look, I'm emo:

Oooh, there are four of me, and in neat colors:

Why yes, I am holding the Eiffel Tower in my left hand!

Agh!  I'm all nose!

I highly recommend a mac!  They're tons of fun, and they make you instantly cool.  Seriously, which would you rather be?  A Mac (yay!), or a PC (lame!)?  

I'm going skiing next week, and when I come back, I am sure I'll have stories to tell.  Stay tuned! And watch your mailbox for Save the Dates!


Michael said...

Yay for blogs! I can't believe you posted that last one. If I had altered your facebook, that'd be your profile pic.

Angegg said...

So, after periodically losing your blog, I plan are being a great friend and commenting! Now you need more blog posts, so you can read my amazing comments!! :)