Sunday, July 26, 2009

the ward family blog

Good news! Ross and I are planning to start a family blog at I convinced him that blogging is fun and cool, because I am persuasive like that. We're gonna blog together in the spirit of newly-weddedness. (Or, almost newly-weddeddness.)

And to my friends, I know: You get angry when I keep URL-hopping with my blogs. I understand this. So to you, I say this: Quit your whining. I have no plans to abandon Fun With Leah. (Although I still think it's a horrible name for this blog. I'm not fun; I'm unfun. Would you support me if I changed my URL to I'm sure it's available.) I'll keep posting here, too.

Anyway, read our family blog! All the cool people are doing it. In fact, go there now and follow us or add us to your reader.


Kari Luanne Stockton said...

You are fun!

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