Thursday, July 23, 2009

wedding, wedding, and more wedding

I have no life right now because I am working full-time and planning a wedding. Oh, and I just moved a month ago, and there are still boxes in the spare bedroom. Everywhere. Still packed. *Sigh.* I think this is a good excuse for my lack of presence in Blog World. Emily, though, is kicking butt! Way to go, girl. You'll be a pro blogger before you know it. By the way, she's hosting a thrill-ride giveaway right now. The two people reading this should go check it out.

Today I spent about $150 buying, oh, maybe 20% of the food for the reception. HOORAY for the nacho bar! And thank you, Sam Walton, for giving us your greatest gift: Sam's Club. Where else can a person buy refried beans in bulk? Where else can a person buy both Mexican AND American Coca-Cola by the 24-pack? Nowhere! Okay, maybe Costco. But we don't have those in Arkansas.

All the remaining wedding details are coming together. Ross, my sweet almost-husband, took over a big part of the work load so I'd stop hyperventilating every 15 minutes. After another weekend of work, I think we'll be 90% there.

Are you ready?! Well GET READY, people! It's gonna be a blast!


Emily said...

I AM ready!! Nor that I have to do much but still... :)

And thank you very much! Now I just need to figure out how to get paid for all the time I spend doing it....

Ross said...

Yay wedding!

Angegg said...

Oh, I'm ready. And will be dancing in the parking lot.